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Joint Task Force on Networked Media (JT-NM)

JT-NM Logo Usage Policy

The JT-NM logo is intended for use as a marketing tool to draw end users' attention to products for sale that include software supporting the work of the JT-NM and its recommendations. It may also be used to demonstrate your organization’s support for the work of the JT-NM. The JT-NM logo may only be used by permission, and according to this policy.

The logo MUST NOT be used for prototype products, or to state or imply any degree of JT-NM technical testing or certification. Nor may it be used in any way that states or implies that a vendor's product is recommended by the JT-NM. No communication should suggest sponsorship, endorsement of a product, or compliance of a product to any JT-NM or other specification or standard.

The typeface, font, shape and layout of the logo must not be changed, and the logo must be used in its entirety. The colors may be changed, if required, to match your company's style and branding.

Please ensure that anyone using the logo for sales and marketing purposes is aware of these constraints.

This logo policy only applies to the JT-NM logo at the top left of this page, which consists of the letters "JT-NM" enclosed in a square box. Any permissions granted under this policy DO NOT extend to the use of any of the JT-NM member logos. If you wish to use the logos of specific organizations, you must contact those organizations separately.

By downloading and using the JT-NM logo, you agree to the terms above. To get an electronic copy of the logo, please email your request to info@jt-nm.org. In your email, please include a description of how you intend to use the logo. Please note that any permission granted by JT-NM is only for use of the logo in the way you have described.

Any misuse of the JT-NM logo any inappropriate claims related to the JT-NM should be emailed to info@jt-nm.org.

The Joint Task Force on Networked Media is led by the following JT-NM Admin Group members:
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