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The JT-NM periodically publishes a roadmap of Networked Media Open Interoperability.

The purpose of the roadmap is to help end users and suppliers as the industry transitions to IP-based technology.

What does this roadmap show?

  1. Which standards and specifications enable the JT-NM Reference Architecture
  2. How the range of underlying technologies are expected to evolve
  3. When it is expected that an interoperable multi-vendor system can be built around a standard / specification

The roadmap is published with some important notes.

  • Timescales shown are approximate and may vary depending on the speed of industry developments and implementations.
  • The roadmap is a living document and will be updated periodically.
  • The arrows on the roadmap end when it is expected that implementations of the standards and specifications are widely available to build interoperable multi-vendor systems, not when the Standards are finished or when the first implementations begin to appear.

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