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JT-NM Roadmap Details

The JT-NM Roadmap was originally developed by the EBU.  EBU members were asking for help in identifying the major technologies and standards for the IP transition.  They were also asking for information about when they could reasonably expect to build facilities based upon the technologies.

The roadmap shows different technology layers, starting from SDI at the bottom, moving to SDI over IP, then up to elementary flows and SMPTE ST 2110.  Above this layer is Auto-provisioning and the current NMOS specifications.  Finally at the top is the “Dematerialized Facilities” layer.

Time is shown on the “X” axis, from left to right.

A description of key characteristics of the technology layer is given at the far right side of the drawing.

Inside each layer are some grey boxes that highlight key Standards, Specifications, Studies or other activities that contribute to the overall IP transition.

The JT-NM Roadmap has proven to be a very important document, providing guidance to end-users and manufacturers alike regarding technologies and timing.

The Joint Task Force on Networked Media is led by the following JT-NM Admin Group members:
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